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Welcome, to our website.
You can visit our Products page, and Europe see what Elyros can offer you, including the successful "European Union Programmes and Actions" guide, distributed by the Athens News Agency and the Cyprus News Agency.

For entrepreneurs wishing to do business in Europe or improve their business skills and activities in Europe, our company also distributes the new European Entrepreneur's eGuide. For the Greek language please contact our offices, and for all other languages you can directly consult www.businessupdated.com.


Our company publishes a series of electronic bulletins that cover all the sectors of the New Bulletins European Union. This set of 24 "electronic" bulletins is published weekly or bi-weekly.

Briefly, these bulletins cover the rural sector, the financial sector, transports, social affairs, the legal and juridical sector as well as Calls for Tenders of the EU.
For more information, contacts and subscriptions please click here.



The company specializes in the branch of Renewable Sources of Energy and specially the Photovoltaic Systems, functioning with base a developed system of permanent briefing for the developments of technology and remaining elements of finances and techniques so as to offers excellent results in her customers. (for further information click here).


Apart from its standard products, Elyros offers a variety of Services business services, including consulting and lobbying, monitoring, and can legally represent your company or organisation in the relevant EU bodies.

The trade team of our company can help you analyse markets and open opportunites in new markets inside the European Union. Elyros' experts have years of experience in the above-mentioned fields, therefore rendering the Elyros team one of Europe's best for consulting and lobbying.


Elyros is now also offering Internet Services, Internet to help you build and promote you web site, whether this is an e-commerce site, or a simple presentation site. Please visit our relevant page, and get a feel of our quality and our prices.

Additionally, Elyros can install your company network (LAN and WAN), and support it, satisfy your need on Intranet applications based on the EISE Platform and even progress your eMarketing needs to the new level, the new era of Internet advertising.

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