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Web Site Development and e-commerce

The Internet is heavily re-arranging the way businesses work around the world. Elyros decided to develop services to support customers' needs on developing their web site and effectively their presence on the Net. Examples include building your web-site to sell your products (e-commerce site), market your services, understand your own customers, or just advertise your business.

We cannot give you a full list of what benefits you would gain by letting Elyros undertaking your web-site development. Besides the fact that this list would be very long, Elyros believes that each company has its own needs that must be exploited before deciding on how to build the web-site. Some of the benefits would be:

  1. Reduced development time
  2. High quality product and services
  3. Competitive prices
  4. Use of most suitable technologies
  5. Direct Marketing
  6. Web promotion
  7. Same-day, on-site support for the web-site
During its first projects, Elyros decided to develop their deliverables in such a way so that the code and databases are fully re-usable (we name them Reusable Packages or Reusable Modules). For example, when we first developed an on-line store to sell products, we created a general module (Reusable Module), that can be used to drive similar stores on the Net. This has three benefits for you as mentioned before:
  • Reduced development time, since we only need to configure the Reusable Module to your needs, and not develop the 'whole thing' from scratch,
  • Since we have been using these developed Modules, we have fixed bugs and problematic areas that existed in the early stages of deployment, therefore now these modules are more robust and error-free.
  • Since most of the code has been developed before, it only needs customising meaning that the development time is less, hence the proposed price for the development of your project will be lower. Please advice our pricing policy for more information.
Developing an e-commerce site involves more parties than you and us. For example your site needs to be trusted, and this can be achieved by assigning the Verisign logo and benefits on it. Usually it is a third party (such as Worldpay.com) that takes the credit-card details of your customers in a secure environment (SSL technology), and proceeds with the credit-card verification and the actual payment. The bank that has your e-commerce account is another entity. If you need extra hardware (e.g. a server to locate your site), then another reseller is introduced. Elyros arranges all the meetings and co-operations with such parties and your company for your project, so that you have virtually nothing to do until your project is delivered.

As a customer of ours, you will be actively participating in the development of your site. Y will decide how you want it to look, and we will propose actions to make it better. What we want to achieve is building the product you want as you want it. We want to build the trust between us, and this is the only way to do it. You will always be welcome to see how your project is progressing, although our team will be informing you on a regular basis.

Elyros can guarantee you that whatever your business, whether B2C or B2B or both, we can develop the most appropriate and functional web site for you. After we have understood how your business works, we will give you a sensible date that your project will be ready, and we guarantee that by that date the project will be tested, completed and installed.

Direct Marketing

All our projects have involved a little bit of marketing, and we believe yours too. What we mean is develop your site in a way so that it can be intelligent enough to understand whom your customers are, and what their buying behaviours are. Then our systems can show you how to approach them to get more business, and even develop target groups of people. Effectively, your project can be transformed into a "Decision Support System", and not just a simple web-site.

Web Promotion, Net Marketing

Advertising your business when it is ready on the Net is a difficult business, and we can discuss ways of marketing it, cost-effectively (e.g. registering it to advertising campaign companies, etc). The benefits will be monitoring of penetration to the market, monitoring of competitors, statistics and periodic reports.

At the completion of your project, we arrange for your site to appear in the most popular international search engines (e.g. Yahoo!, Altavista, Lycos, Infoseek) as well as to all the popular Greek search engines (in.gr, flash.gr, robby.gr, etc). Finally we enter your site's address to our company's Business Park, and advertise you continuously for a month.

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