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JAVA's power comes from Object-Oriented Programming, together with all the good features of C and C++, and excluding all their "not so interesting" ones (e.g. pointers, memory management functions, etc.). Below are some comments to the following questions:

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Problem with setXORMode

1. I am trying to do setXORMode to a string, and it does not work. The code very briefly is:

I draw a string on (10,10)
g.drawString("aaa", 10,10);

g.drawString("aaa", 10,10);

Some platforms implement text drawing very differently from graphics drawing, and I think the the MS implementation is one of those that doesn't support the XOR mode on text.

Not much of an answer, I know. I think you may find that it does work on an X11-based implementation.

Creating a text file in JAVA

How do I create a text file in JAVA?

The following link will give you a text file which contains the code to create a text file in JAVA. The code


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