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This page contains a number of small programs that can make your life easier. They have been created as part of a larger program, or in order to solve minor problems/concerns of Elyros S.A. If you download and/or use any of these utilities, you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions.

Please do comment on these, and if you are interested, send your programs or links to be included in this page


  • LastTime: This utility is entered into your AUTOEXEC.BAT file, and after the 2nd time you boot, it tells you when it was the last time your computer was re-booted. Good for providing a bit of security.

  • News Server: This is a collection of programs written in C, to create a 'typical' news server. This is a proof of concept, and needs customisation for setting up your own server.

  • Better Memory Management: These are substitutes for malloc and free, using a different way of allocating memory, and effectively minimising memory fragmentation and loss. These are just a proof of concept, but an make good substitutes for malloc and free in LINUX!

  • JAVA Drawing Application: This is a simple drawing package for including in your web page. It provides some preliminary drawing and writing options including 3D. It would be wonderful for kids that like to draw on the Net, although no save function is available. The JAVA code file is also included for the people that would like to enhance it. We would include your enhanced version to this site, if you are interested into improving it.
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