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A common problem met when copying Greek text from Acrobat/Acrobat Reader to other applications (e.g. Microsoft Word), is that the text appears scrambled.
To solve this in most cases, the user has to highlight the copied text and change the font into one that supports the Greek language. Unfortunately, this is not always the case...

We have developed a small utility (actually a Word 97 macro), that converts the text so that it can be read. This is not guaranteed that will always work, butin most of the cases it does! What this utility does is just replace characters with the correct Greek ones, so that the document can be read properly.
The utility is packed into a Word document, named SETUP.DOC. The user has to run this, and when Word 97 loads, a new toolbar will appear, showing a smilingface. When this face is clicked, the highlighted text is converted, and the spellchecker starts.

Prerequisite to the correct functionality are:

The Arial-Greek font
Greek Spell Checker
Microsoft Word 97 and Enabled Macros!
Microsoft Windows NT/95(or later)

The utility:

1.Press here to download the converter.
2.Unzip the file on a diskette. If you do not unzip it on a a diskette (DRIVE A:) then it will not work.

Installation Procedure:
Two things must be done for this utility to work correctly; install the Arial-Greek font if it does not exist in the computer already, and install the Converter macro.

Install Arial-Greek

1.Press the Start button
2.Go to Settings and choose Control Panel
3.In the Control Panel, press the icon named Fonts
4.When the "Fonts" window appears, choose File and Install New Font...
5.A window should have opened. Choose the A: Drive.
6.Press Select All and then OK
7.If errors appear saying that the Arial Greek (Truetype) font is already installed press OK. This means that the system has the font already.
8.Close all windows and return to the desktop

Install the converter

1.Open the diskette on Drive A: (e.g. using the Explorer, File Manager)
2.Run the SETUP.DOC file
3.When it requests for a password press Read Only...
4.If it warns you about Macros, press Enable Macros...

Normally when SETUP.DOC opens, you should see a yellow smiling face onyour document. Drag this next to the other toolbars. The utility is nowinstalled, and the yellow face will be there for every document you open.
If you do not see the yellow face, follow the instructions on the document.You have to ENABLE macros for this to work.

How it works:
Copy some text from Acrobat/Acrobat Reader to Word 97. Highlight it and change its font to Arial-Greek. If the text does not appear in readable Greek,highlight it again and press the smiling face.
It might take some time for the text to be converted, depending on the speed of the system and the amount of text to be converted. If after ithas finished processing the text is not readable, then email it to us tosee what the problem is and fix it accordingly. Try the utility using theEXAMPLE.PDF file found in your diskette.

We do not guarantee that this piece of software will always work, but it has certainly solved most of our conversion problems. We are not to be held responsible for any loss, damage or other unwanted effects caused because of the use of this converter or any derivative. No warrantees for usability for any specific application are given or implied. You as a user, are usingthis utility at your own risk.

NOTE: You can always press the UNDO button in Word and undo thelast conversion if it was not successful.

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