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The Consulting Team of Elyros S.A. is a team dedicated to advising and assisting European enterprises on issues related to European Union (EU) policy. Having attracted from the start experts on EU affairs, the Group provides a personal and efficient service in the heart of European policy development, pursuing successfully clients' interests within the relevant EU Institutions. The main areas of the Team's activities are the following:


a. Guidelines for international business activities
Consulting Team of ELYROS S.A. offers advice to industrial and commercial companies, various institutes, academic institutions and universities, producers and consumer organisations and professional associations which principally concerns issues related to agriculture and fisheries policies, structural interventions, policies for small and medium size enterprises (SME), tourism, new technologies as well as economic and monetary policy.


b. EU projects and studies
Our Consulting Team provides information on EU programs on a wide range of issues, concerning amongst others education and youth, environment, information technology and telecommunications, computer science and multimedia applications and more specifically indispensable know-how to submitting parties for the preparation of their proposal, ensuring appropriate follow up of their affairs while providing detailed information to the client.


c. Lobbying
The Consulting Team after having obtained a profound knowledge of the administrative mechanisms on which decision-making within the EU institutions is based it offers an approach which consists of a joint definition of the client's strategic planning during the submission of proposals. Throughout the follow-up the Team organises negotiations and submits in consultation with the client specific brief proposals to the relevant EU institutions. Reports concerning the evolution of the case are regularly provided to the client until its conclusion.


d. The external relations of the Community
The European Union has implemented some programs in the framework of its external relations which concern the Central and Eastern Europe countries, including NIS (PHARE and TACIS), a global strategy for promotion of investment in third Mediterranean countries.
The consultants of ELYROS S.A. may undertake specific activities on behalf of the client, relating to the established procedures and the existing opportunities, the preparation of projects to be submitted for EU funding and lobbying activities during the follow-up of the proposed projects.


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