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Elyros' employees are experts in a number of Internet Technologies, including:

  1. Databases on the Net (SQL Server, MS Access, Dbase)
  2. HTML, VRML(3D), WML (for WAP mobile phones), Dynamic-HTML, SQL
  3. ASP (Active Server Pages) technology, CGI scripts, JavaScript, VB-Script as well as JAVA applets
  4. Macromedia Flash and animated pictures/images
Usually these technologies are enough to build your web-site. We will decide after evaluating your business, which technologies are suitable for you and after discussing it with you, we will propose our competitive and cost-effective solution.

From a hardware point of view, our team can handle and install all hardware that involves WINTEL workstations, from Printers to Hubs to Ethernet cards and bar-code scanners.

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