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EISE Enterprise Information Portal

EISE - Elyros Innovative Site Engine

EISE is an Enterprise Information Portal platform that has been developed through research in the past years by our company. EISE allows companies and organisations to develop their own company intranet or website and at the same time manage all their services and information content in every form (e.g. DOC, PDF, XLS, PPT, HTM, XML, etc), offering advanced content management services to their clients and employees.

EISE supportive modules and applications can extend the original EIP platform to provide e-learning and teleworking capabilities, therefore allowing large corporations and organisations to work over VPN networks in a unified workspace, as if they are physically at the same place at the same time.

EISE is a web based platform that has been developed by using state of the art technologies, it is easy to setup and manage. Additionally, it is easily upgradeable with advanced features to allow redesign of the graphical parts of the interface, without needing to re-insert documents, or altering the databases.

EISE Capabilities

The EISE Enterprise Information Portal offers the following default functionality:


•  Powerful document management, with check-in/check-out, versioning and publish capabilities.

•  Documents are saved in HTML format.

•  Supports related files to the document that can be uploaded (unlimited files) of any type (BMP, PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, etc)

•  System allows for multiple categories and subcategories. Data are distributed in a tree form, having Category/Subcategory.


•  The user can define workflows, so that a document can pass through several people, before it gets published on the Internet. So for example, I can define the list of people that have to agree (in hierarchical manner), or linearly (the one after the other), so that the document can be published.

•  Workflows can be assigned to different subcategories, therefore allowing workflow templates. Workflows can have a size of up to 100 users.


•  Each previous version of the document is saved in the database. The user has the ability to move to previous documents and search in them


•  The Search Engine searches inside the main document, title and summary.

•  Content Search is supported (via the Full Text Search Engine)

•  Search inside the Related Files is also supported via the Microsoft Index Server. We have also developed an iFilter for searching inside PDF files.


•  Dynamic reporting for documents

•  Statistics of usage (web site stats)

•  Export of reports in XLS/Crystal Reports.


The system has a number of other capabilities to support web sites or intranets that wish to include more than document management.

•  Discussion Forum

•  Events and Agenda of Events

•  Alert mechanism (when new/updated information is entered, auto-emails are sent)

•  Newsletter Emailing Mechanism

•  Questionnaires and Polls

•  Online subscriptions and CreditCard Payment

•  Billing and Invoicing

•  Online advertising and banner campaign management (GIF, Flash, all sizes).


EISE ideal setup includes two 2 servers (web server and database server). The database server is using MS SQL Server or Access (for smaller applications – EISE Lite) to support the database, whereas the web server is acting as the intermediary to the data and the users, providing the interface for easy access to the data.

General features include:

•  The system is developed in ASP 3.0 and currently upgraded to .NET

•  System is 3-tier based.

•  The database is SQL Server 2000 (SP3)

•  The system is supported by ASP Encoding and HTTP compression

•  Advanced Caching support

•  Microsoft Index Server support (for advanced searches)

•  Setup on IIS5, on MS Windows 2000 Advanced Server edition

•  System can import and export XML, RSS, as well as other formats (PDF, XLS). This enables us to remotely connect with any system and exchange information in real time.


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