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Trade Team

In trade with third countries, the Member States of the European Union (EU) have a Common Commercial Policy which is implemented centrally by the EU institutions in Brussels. Besides that, an internal commercial and industrial policy has taken effect by the adoption of the Single European Act in 1985 and is expected to be reinforced by the upcoming ratification of the Treaty for the European Union. Within this institutional framework, most European businesses are exploring new trade routes towards third countries and are establishing new formulas of co-operation with other European businesses.

Elyros S.A. Trade Team combines these various EU policies with a view to establish contacts between undertakings and to provide an adequate basis for their co-operation. The following services are set up to meet this expectation:

  1. BC-NET co-operation program
    M. G. Markatatos, Elyros S.A.'s Managing Director, is a BC-NET advisor. The BC-NET (Business Co-operation Network) is an EU program aiming at the establishment of different types of co-operation between small and medium size enterprises (SME), within the EU as well as with third countries that are involved within this program, such as the EFTA countries, Mexico, India, Brazil, Poland as well as the Third Mediterranean Countries (TMC). ELYROS S.A. provides the appropriate support for the match-making and therefore advises on specific details for a successful co-operation. Additionally, ELYROS S.A. participates in the BC-Net's annual meetings (Rome 1992, Paris 1993, Berlin 1994, Stockholm 1995, Luxembourg 1996) and in the Madrid Conference on "Support measures for enterprises" (November 1995), following all evolution concerning the EU policy on SME.
  2. Agricultural policy
    The members of the Trade Team have acquired considerable experience on the agricultural structures of the EU market. This experience covers both production and commercial aspects. Thus, the Team undertakes negotiations, advises potential buyers or sellers on existing stocks or market prices and assists the drafting and conclusion of final contracts.
  3. Relations with Eastern and Central Europe
    The Trade Team provides appropriate consulting within the PHARE program and the TACIS Technical Assistance program for the States of the former Soviet Union. It also undertakes international negotiations of commercial projects or other transactions for companies wishing to invest or to set up in Eastern and Central Europe.
  4. Relations with Third Mediterranean Countries
    Elyros S.A. has undertaken, through M. G. Markatatos, contracts with the European Union concerning the implantation of BC-NET program in Third Mediterranean Countries (Cyprus in 1992, Egypt and Jordan in 1994), in the framework of MEDA program. Furthermore, ELYROS S.A. has prepared a vast study in the framework of INTERREG I concerning all aspects of Mediterranean policies of the European Union for the Union of Local Authorities of Crete.

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