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Photovoltaic Systems

photo ELYROS S.A. is company of consultants with seat Brussels and is included in the branch of enterprises of benefit of advisory services from September 2000.

The company specializes in the branch of Renewable Sources of Energy and specially the Photovoltaic Systems, functioning with base a developed system of permanent briefing for the developments of technology and remaining elements of finances and techniques so as to offers excellent results in her customers.

With regard to the branch of Photovoltaic Systems, it disposes the essential experience as well as the suitable collaborations. It has undertaken the subordination of enough work in Developmental Law 3299/2004 in order to they receive subsidy of height 40% on the total budget, as an example the subordination in the Developmental Law of bigger Photovoltaic Park in Greece, on behalf of the PUBLIC ENTERPRISE OF ELECTRICITY RENEWABLE in Megalopolis, force 50MWp and total budget of 237.500.000€.

Besides, ELYROS S.A. is found in position to work out studies on this branch, in the frames of Developmental Law 3299/04 and according to the processes that are forecasted with regard to the production of electric energy from Renewable Sources of Energy (L.3468/06), to undertake the all works for the integration and financing of investment drawing, as well as the support and follow-up of works until the final payment of total subsidy as it is forecasted by the Developmental Law.

Responsible: Markatatos Ioannis
E-Mail address: i.markatatos@elyros.com
Telephone number: +306947904399

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