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ELYROS S.A. are consultants, established under Belgian law, as a public limited company, according to Act No. 911221 - 303, published in the "Moniteur Belge" on 21 December 1991, with an equity capital of 885,000 Euros.

The company has its head office in Brussels, with a branch in Athens. ELYROS S.A. has recently established a representation office in Lisbon, Portugal.

As a consulting company, ELYROS S.A. specialises in the application of policies adopted by the European Union.

It publishes a series of bulletins which aim to give complete and up-to-date information to companies, organisations and individuals on the programmes, activities and policies of the EU, covering the main areas of the economy. Its main activities are to provide appropriate advice to European enterprises on major and complex issues as well as on EU programmes, to negotiate with the relevant EU institutions (lobbying) and to offer monitoring services in order to provide an advance warning system for recent developments in specific sectors that occur within the framework of the EU.

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