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SAP R/3 Implementation Services

SAP R/3 Implementation Services


Elyros has considerable experience in the sphere of information technologies, and since 2000 has been investing heavily in the field of SAP systems for the implementation of software solutions, adapted for different sectors. The implementation is accomplished by a team of certified consultants. They have the necessary experience from different projects, knowledge about the business processes in the relevant areas of SAP. Elyros have strong experience helping global companies meet business challenges is at the core of SAP Practice. Elyros delivers SAP consulting, SAP implementation and post-SAP implementation services for our customers.

Elyros services cover the entire SAP systems spectrum ó spanning from configuration set up, customization/enhancement of existing SAP functionality, and post-SAP implementation support, to Business Process Analysis (BPA)/Gap Analysis and Business Process mapping. Our proven application integration capability enables seamlessly integrated solutions that increase the value of technology investments.

Elyros SAP implementation expertise includes Finance and Costing, Logistics, Manufacturing, Sales and Distribution, Plant Maintenance, Quality Control, and Human Resources. By the moment, Elyros has implemented the following modules: FI (Finance), CO (Controlling), AM (Assets Management), SD (Sales and Distribution), MM (Materials Management), PP (Production Planning and Control), QM (Quality management), PM (Plant Maintenance), HR (Human Resources and Payroll), PS (Project System), EIS-MIS Executive Information System, WF (Business Workflow).

For each implementation project, the team of consultants applies the following methodology,†established by SAP AG:

  • Analysis of the customerís needs
  • Study and description of the business processes, regarding the SAP R/3 implementation.
  • System planning and development, from the point of view of hardware and software integration
  • Installation, customizing and optimization
  • Development of specialized programs for interfacing SAP R/3 with another software, where it is necessary
  • Training of the customerís staff
  • Monitoring and support of the productive start of the system, after the project completion
  • Maintenance of SAP R/3 system

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