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ELYROS S.A. IT Services

Elyros SA IT Department


Elyros SA IT department has been functional since 1999, its main goal being to help customers' operations, training and software/hardware support.

Elyros SA IT department services include:

Web Site Development: We help companies and organisations commence their Internet presence, through the use of hi-tech Internet technologies, via their web pages. We specialise in developing large-scale websites that incorporate databases. Some of our projects include euro-info.gr (explained later), neesmorfesgallery.gr (Art Gallery), acidbet.com (Sports site) and others.


Web Site Hosting and Promotion: Following the web site development, we can offer hosting to our clients, as well as promote their site on the web. Based on our experience and the use of on-line tools, we have managed to promote sites into becoming large brand names in Greece, depending on the target market.


Intranet Development: We also specialise in installing and maintaining Local Area Networks, so that companies can have a centralised Information System for managing personnel and other resources. Elyros SA activities on Intranet development start from installing the cabling, up to providing and configuring client PCs, and maintaining them on a regular basis, primarily via telephone support, and in other cases, by on-site support. A number of Greek and foreign companies including Greek Municipalities trust us for providing them with the total solution.


CD-ROM Presentations: Primarily started for helping the Production department for providing its documents via CD-ROMS, we can apply a number techniques in order to develop functional presentations on CD-ROM that are easy to understand and do not tire the reader.


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