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European Union Programmes and Actions Guide
The "European Union Programmes and Actions Guide" is a product of od approximately 1400 pages, explaining all the actions and programmes currently in action by the European Union. It helps the reader understand what actions need to be taken to submit a proposal to the EU, whom to contact, when the deadlines are, and what the flow of actions should be. It contains 22 chapters, each one specialising in one domain of the EU's actions, such as Agriculture.

You can find more information about the guide and the yearly prices/fees from our distributor, at their web page. If you start a new subscription, please mention that you learnt about the Guide from Elyros.


Pre-Information Bulletins
Elyros S.A. has began on May 1993, the edition of 11 weekly information bulletins with specialised information about the evolution of the Common Organisations of the Market of the European Agricultural Policy, and other markets. These bulletins monitor systematically and cover all issues of changes in the EU. They inform you about discussions before EU decisions take place, so that you actively take part in the issues, via the relevant bodies.

These bulletins are forwarded through electronic system of communication. To find more information including subscription prices, please consult our distributor's web page.

IT Support
Please visit our IT Support site, which contains information and utilities in a number of pr areas, such as converting from PDF to Word 97, a Petri Net Simulator (PNSim 1.0), a FAQ and guide on how to boot a Sun 3/50 from a Linux box, information about tackling the Euro and Y2K problems, Windows, UNIX and Java troubleshooting tips, various utilities and free code, as well as the Arial Greek and Algerian font. Downloading software and tips is free-of-charge, and you are more than welcome to comment on.

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